ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub helps you with anatural exfoliation as the super nutrients of kelp smooth and detoxify, whilelemon peel and natural French green clay brighten to complete this refreshingface scrub.

Features andBenefits:

?        Contains stem cells, marine algae and herbal extractsthat nourish the skin, and all of them work to activate the process of cell renewal.

?        Contains kelp and lemon extract rich in vitamin C, itgently exfoliates the skin and corrects its color.

?        Works to remove sediments and old cells, as a result,it contains walnut powder and kelp powder.

?        Contains vegetable oils that purify, moisturize, andprotect the skin from bacteria. It also stimulates blood circulation in theface, such as peppermint oil, sage oil, Lavender oil.

?        It works to combat the signs of aging and delays theappearance of wrinkles. It contains extracts of plants such as white lily.

?        It soothes and calms the skin, it contains aloe verajuice, chamomile flower extract and glycerin.

?        Suitable for all skin types.

?        100% vegetarian product.

?        Free from parabens and mineral oils.

How to Use:

?        Use just one or two drops to gently massage your facewith wet fingertips to remove the dirt and traces of the long day. Rinse yourface well and enjoy your radiance.



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Acure ? Brightening Facial Scrub 118 ml



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