Soflens Natural Colors are available in nine differentcolors (Amazon, Aquamarin, Emerald, India, Indigo, Jade, Pacific, Platinum andTopaz) and feature a 39% water content, which makes them ideal for dry eyes. Inaddition, Soflens Natural Colors allow the cornea to reach the perfect oxygenlevel thanks to their great oxygen permeability and their ultrathin designprovide exceptional comfort and makes the wearer forget that he is wearing them. 

Since Soflens Natural Colors offer a wide range oflens power, they are perfect for those with sight problems who want to changetheir eye color. 

Monthly color contacts Soflens Natural Colors are alsosuitable for people with no need of vision correction. However, Visual-Clickadvises you to visit your eye specialist before purchasing your color contacts.



 comfort,natural and vibrant color, great oxygen permeability and easy handle.


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Bausch and Lomb Monthly lenses Platinum color 2 unit + lens solution free

Bausch + Lomb


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