Casanova BodySplash Tease Me. body spray that is going to leave you naturally scented andrefreshed. This uplifting, alluring fragrance will awaken the senses, thusleaving you feeling renewed and fragrant throughout the day. Now everyone canfeel the presence of you. 

?The intoxicating scent keeps you fresh and energetic.

?It is used for women and available in a spray bottle of 235 ml.

?This body splash is non-irritant and organic.

?This product is free from mineral oils and artificial colors.

How to use:

  ?Open the cap of the spray bottle and press the spray button to spray near thearmpits, chest and neck.

?Spray every part of the body for just two or three seconds.

?For further visibility, keep the spray away from your body, like 7 to 9 inches.

?Apply the spray once a day.


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Casanova Body Splash Rose 235Ml



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