ThisFluid having active ingredients to protect the look of tired and normal hair.It works to renew the appearance of hair, protect it from breakage, increaseits density and shine. Suitable for dry hair with split ends. Your hair goesfrom hair with weak shafts and dull, damaged ends to a strong, lustrous shaftand beautiful hair. The best hair care serum.

The active ingredient in energy crystal serum forhair split ends:

? Dimethiconol.
? Fragrance ingredient.
? Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate.
? BHT.

Energy crystal serum for hair split ends benefits:
? it is Cristal serum for split ends seal.
? After regular use for energy crystal serum for hair split ends, your hairtransforms from the hair of weak shaft, dull and damaged split ends to strongshaft, shine, and beautiful hair.

Directions for use energy crystal serum for hairsplit ends:

? Apply the serum in thepalm of the hand and massage the hair. You can use it on dry or wet hair.
? Safety Warning:
? For external use only.
? Keep out of reach of children.



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Energy Cristal Serum For Hair Split Ends – 60 Ml

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