Moisturizingcream with milk to reduce chapping caused by dryness and irritation, softensthe skin, prevents dehydration, and enhances skin vitality. Long-lastinghydration with glycerin extract, which attracts moisture from the outer layerof the skin to the first layers of hydration, as well as cleanses and calms theskin in addition to its famous benefits for the skin

AntioxidantContains shea butter and vitamin A with its many properties to treat skinredness, wrinkles, eczema, skin blemishes as well as burns and stretch markswith antioxidants such as vitamin E and other nutrients that reduce skinirritation.

Formaximum benefit: Put the cream in a large amount on dry areas on well-cleanedand dried skin whenever possible. In case of pigmentation and the need forlightening, put a quantity of Fair and White Serum on the cream and shake itwell, then apply it three times a week at night


 Apply the moisturizing milk cream generouslyto the dry / dehydrated areas of the body on clean, dry skin as often asneeded.

Skintype:sensitive skin – dry – very dry


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Fair and White moisturizing cream 500ml

Fair And White


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