Fairand White Original AHA Exfoliating Soap this great soap cleanses and buffs awaydead skin cells, leaving skin fresh and clean.  best if used on the body, tooharsh for the face. formulated to accelerate the elimination of dead skincells. leaves the skin smooth and clean. 

Benefits of Fair and WhiteExfoliating Soap:

*Cleanses and removes dead skin cells, leavingthe skin fresh and clean.

*Perfectly prepares your skin for FAIR &WHITE A.H.A-2 products and gives it smoothness and a radiant complexion.

*An exfoliating soap bar designed to speed upthe removal of dead skin cells.

*Helps lighten the skin, unify the color, andreduce dark spots.

How to use:

*Use the Fair and White Exfoliating Soap dailyon the face and body; By making a rich foam between the hands, then apply andmassage gently and then rinse with water, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Skin tones that go with it

*Suitable for all skin types, but it is bestused on the body because it is too harsh on the face.


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Fair and White Original AHA Exfoliating Soap – 200g

Fair And White


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