Theoriginal flamingo razor for face and body:

The OriginalFlamingo Feather Mousse The perfect no-frills razor for eyebrow trimming is aprecision eyebrow trimmer made of stainless steel Japanese platinum thatensures a longer use period and the safety layer in the blade adds a highdegree of protection to the skin The blade is protected by a layer that gives asmooth and gentle shave

The foldableblade design is perfect and easy to carry.

How touse flamingo razors:

Before trimming,apply face cream or soap to the desired area. Do not use the flamingo blade. Ifblisters or other skin conditions appear after use, rinse the Feather Flamingoblade with water and store in a dry place. Avoid wiping the edge of the bladeas this may reduce its sharpness. The blade is sealed to keep sharpness

Warningsand precautions:

The blade isvery sharp, care must be taken when using and storing

Original 100%Made in Japan


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Feather-Flamingo Face-Body Blades



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