• The GilletteVenus Breeze Women’s Razor Blade target even the minute hair and extract themwith the utmost ease. These blades are perfectly shapedso that you can shave your hair effectively. These Gillette VenusBreeze razor refills fit seamlessly on any Venus razor handle. Withthe built-in shave gel bars, the Gillette Venus Breeze razor refills provide asmooth shave with each stroke without the need for shaving cream.

    Perfect Replacement:

    • You can use these Gillette Venus Breeze razor refills as an ideal replacement for a broken or blunt Venus razor refills.
    • They fit perfectly on the Venus razor handle for efficient use.

    Accurate Shave:

    • The Gillette Venus Breeze for women s razor are thoughtfully designed to ensure that there are no cuts or bruises on your shaved skin.
    • Moreover, the glide seamlessly over your skin and remove the hair from deep within your skin.

    Product Features:

    • 3 blades for a Venus-close shave
    • Convenient built-in shave gel bars give smooth shave
    • No shaving cream needed, just wet and shave
    • Great shave in one easy stroke
    • Easy-to-change refills
    • Any Venus cartridge fits any Venus razor handle, except Simply Venus



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    Gillette Razor Venus Spa Breeze



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