Giovanni clarifying shampoo is balanced enough toclean your hair while adding moisture to the hair. It is ideal forover-processed hair dull hair affected by environmental factors.

This shampoo is enriched with botanical extracts thatcan provide your hair with moisture and everyday PH control, Giovanni 5050 shampoo contains aloe vera, rosemary, and other botanical extracts.With Giovanni balanced shampoo you can control frizz, add moisture,and improve your hair manageability.

Have you ever suffered from color fading and slippingaway from the hair? And after every wash, you feel like your hair color iswashed out? We ve all been there but with Giovanni clarifyingshampoo you can protect your hair color to last longer because our shampoocan infuse your hair with moisture while locking the color in.

Being enriched with a blend of vitamins, nutrients,and protein, Giovanni hydrating clarifying shampoo will increasestrength, vitality and restore life back to your hair. What is specialabout Giovanni clarifying shampoo Cleans the hair while hydrating itno wonder it got the name of Giovanni 50 50 shampoo PH balanced soit s perfect for everyday use.

Moisturizes the hair while taming the frizz Giovannihydrating shampoo blesses the hair with superior shine Completely colorsafe Made of botanical extracts Improves hair manageability.

Suitable for normal to dry hair. Doesn t contain anyharsh chemicals; lauryl and laureth sulfate free

Giovanni hydrating shampoo is vegan-FRIENDLY &CRUELTY-FREE and comes in a recyclable package

How to Use Giovanni shampoo:

Massage rich lather into wet hair and rinse.



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Giovanni – smooth as silk moisture shampoo 250ML



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