Skincleansing milk containing snail slime, coconut oil and 100% natural jojoba waxthat deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin without drying it out. It doesnot leave any greasy effect on the skin of the face. It does not contain soapand is suitable for all skin types.

the benefits:

1– Remove impurities and dead skin

2– Reducing the effects of pimples

3– It tightens the pores of the skin

4– Deep moisturizing of the skin to contain hyaluronic material

5– It helps in unifying skin tone

6– It helps in removing wrinkles, and it is preferable to use theserum after finishing the lotion for wrinkles.

How to use:

 Wet your face with water, then put a smallamount and massage it on your face, then wash it with water and enjoy a cleanand fresh skin.

the ingredients:

1– The main ingredient is snail slime

2– Hyaluronic

3– Damask red roses

4– Coconut oil

5– Jojoba wax


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Healthy Skin Face Cleanser 200 ml

Healthy Skin


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