Facelifting serum with concentrated pure snail slime and hyaluronic acid. It worksto rejuvenate the facial skin and fights wrinkles, prevents skin redness andirritation, reduces skin imperfections and pores. It dries quickly withoutleaving any greasy residue. Fits all skin types.

the benefits:

1– Anti-oxidant and rejuvenates the skin.

2– Resists wrinkles and shrinks facial pores

3– Deep hydration of the skin

4– Reduces the redness of the face caused by dehydration

5– It works to tighten the skin

6– Suitable for sensitive skin

7– It does not leave greasy or sticky traces

How to use:

Applyan appropriate amount before the face cream on the face and neck.

the ingredients:

1– spiral slime

2– Hyaluronic

3– Vitamin E

4– Damask red roses


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Healthy Skin Face Serum 30ml

Healthy Skin


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