• How often have we craved to have those perfect eyelashes and dream of fluttering them as flawlessly.
  • As we see them on those advertisements? Quite often? Here is where Masters Professional False Lash Brush Glue Black 5 gm – comes to your rescue.
  • A perfect addition to your beauty kit that helps you put on your lashes without any hassle and flaunt them.
  • This artificial eyelash glue helps your lashes to sit on your eyelid smoothly and you do not feel any discomfort at all, nor are there any chances of them falling off.
  • This adhesive glue does an excellent job of not making your false eyelashes get stripped off from the baseline.
  • It is a safe adhesive that can be used without any danger to your eyelid .
  • The fragility of the skin above your eyelashes are kept in mind as this glue don t feel heavy over the eyelid .
  • The adhesive holds the eyelashes firmly .
  • It helps in keeping the eyelashes in place with no associated fear of falling off, even when you flutter your eyelashes throughout the day .
  • It is absolutely jet black in color .

How to use:

  • Considering the steps that are kept in mind while formulating this glue, it doesn t come as a surprise how its application is quick and easy.
  • It doesn t take up much of your time and can be done effortlessly to make your eyelashes look beautiful, without much effort or professional help.
  • Take a copious amount of the gel and apply it on the baseline of the false lashes.
  •  Keep a time span of 30 seconds, or just until the adhesive applied turns sticky, which would denote that the glue has settled .
  •  Now first, press the fake eyelash, close to the center of your natural lashes, and then gradually flatten it out towards both the ends.
  •  To make sure that the lashes have settled down completely, put some pressure, and press down the lash strip and glide your fingers from one end to the other ? until you are sure that the adhesive has dried and the lashes are stuck firmly .

Caution & Warnings:

  •   Should be kept out of reach of children
  •   Be very careful in not letting the adhesive come in contact with your eyes.
  •   Immediately splash lukewarm water in case the adhesive comes in contact with your eyes.
  •   Consult a dermatologist if the glue causes irritation or rashes on your eyelid
  •   Store in a cool, dry place 



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Masters Professional False Lash Brush Glue Black 5 gm

Masters Professional


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