Neo Hair Lotion 100% Original Product Lotion tonourish hair roots, restore and generate new hair. It’s excellent to treatbaldness, hair fall, thin hair, dandruff, and scalp problems. Regular use ofHair Lotion by Green Wealth continually will provide satisfying results withinthree months.

?        No worry of your unsatisfied characteristics, hairfall, thin hair, oily hair, and baldness whether caused by heredity ordeterioration anymore as the various herbal extracts contained within caneffectively work to treat all your hair problems.

?        The product gathers herbs including cantaloupe, whiteginseng, white daisy leaves, and saw palms. Cantaloupe extract can hasten thegrowth of hairs, improve the hairs’ strengths, inhibit hair-fall, soften thehairs, and make the hairs shine.

?        White Ginseng extract can stimulate the bloodcirculation around your head to transfer nutrients to your hair roots, make thehair roots active, hasten the growth of the hairs, nourish the strands, andreduce hair-fall.


How to use:

1- It is necessary to comb or massage the scalp beforeuse 2-3 minutes before

2- It is preferable to shower with baby shampoo beforeuse.

3- Provide an appropriate amount on the scalp in themorning, sleep and let the lotion dry and do not wash it.

4- Use it regularly and continuously.


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Neo Hair lotion 120ml

Green Wealth


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