Effective formula: Contains very little ammonia and isfortified with collagen that penetratesthe folds of the hair during the coloring process, to treat damaged hair fromthe inside out. It gives your hair an Violet color with high stability anda therapeutic formula that protects your hair from breakage during the dyeingprocess. The collagen serum nourishes the hair and makes it silkier.


Product Features:

It contains collagen nourishing hair serum.

It is very low in ammonia and rich in collagen.

Hair dye that does not cause split ends ordamage to the hair structure.

Gives you a natural blue color with highstability.


How to use:

?         Mix an amount of hair bleaching cream in anon-metallic container with a double amount of oxidizing cream and collagenserum, then mix well.

?         Divide the hair into four sections. Foursections. Apply the product to the hair and keep it 1 cm away from the roots ofthe hair for the last time.

?         Leave the product on the hair from 30 to 40minutes (depending on the required degree of bleaching), then rinse it withwater well.


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Nitor Canada Collagen Hair color, Violet 7.92

Nitro Canada


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