1-   Bioderma cleansing gel for oily and combination skinregulates sebum secretion. Forcombination and oily skin. Canbe used as shaving foam. Contains Zinc sulphate and copper sulphate cleanse theskin and reduce sebum secretion.

2-   Beesline Deodorant innovative, safe & highlyeffective 48hr antiperspirant deodorant that works to fight body odor, adsorbmoisture & soothe the skin while lightening & evening skin tone forclean & bright underarms.

3-   Bio Balance Body Whitening Cream whitens theoverall complexion and diminishes the dark spots on underarms, knees, elbows,inner thigh, or any part of the body where skin discolorations occur.

4-   Papay lotion It helps in moisturizing the skin greatlybecause it contains papaya extract.  It gives a beautiful scent andrestores the natural balance of the skin. Restores the natural beauty and softness of the skin


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Offer Daily Skin Care


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