1_H2O WaterThreading Device:

Water flossing device is the latest and most effective dental cleaningdevice that relies on the technology of spraying water flows in constant pulsesto remove food particles and bacteria between the teeth and the gum line. Awater floss is a good option:

For those who have a temporary or non-removable bridge.

Those who have performed dental implants.

For cleaning around braces and orthodontics.

For cleaning around dental work such as crowns and veneers.

5speed waterpressure

Water tank type: detachable large capacity 300ml water tank.

Pulse frequency: 1200 times/min

Water pressure range: 30-110 psi

Charging time: 5 hours

Fully charged working time: 12 days (working twice a day) or continuousworking 80 minutes

2_ Alodent toothpaste for sensitive teeth 100ml:

?An idealtoothpaste with natural ingredients that suits all oral and dental needs.

?Fortified with100% natural aloe vera extract.

?Keeps yourteeth healthy and sound.

3_ Alodent mouthwash for sensitive gums 250ml:

?An idealmouthwash with natural ingredients that suits all oral and dental needs.

?Enriched withgrapefruit seed extract.

?Maintains themouth and teeth and gives you a clean and fresh mouth.

?Suitable forsensitive teeth and gums.

4_ Double dentalfloss:

   Double floss cleans teeth twice as nice.

?Ergonomicallydesigned to not tear, break or stretch.

Removes dirt as well as food debris in hard-to-reach areas using atoothpick or brush.

Great for dental care at home or on the go and travel.

Make flossing a breeze and ensure your smile lights up.


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