1_ Keratin Therapy Shampoo 250 ml:

? Keratin Therapy Hair Relax Shampoo

? It is a shampoo for hair care after smoothing usingkeratin, free of sodium chloride and sulfate.

? Keratin Therapy Hair Relax Conditioner helpsmaintain straightening results.

? A gentle shampoo that enhances hair elasticity andprevents split ends.

? Distinctive ingredients that moisturize and promotehealthy hair.

? A distinctive use experience that produces strongand abundant hair, with a healthy and attractive appearance.

? Nature’s ingredients for best results.

Product Benefits

? Equipped with an integrated formula that restoresthe vitality of the hair and enhances the results of straightening andmaintains them for the longest possible period.

? Contains keratin and natural oils that enhance thesoftness and softness of hair.

? Keratin Therapy Hair Relax Shampoo reduces hairfrizz and frizz.

? It gives the hair a distinctive shine.

? It contains a distinctive fragrance that makes usingit a special experience.

? Keratin Therapy Hair Relax Shampoo is free ofparabens.

2_ Soft & Beautiful Hair Straightener:

For stronger and healthier hair from the first use!With Triple Moisturizing Oil that you use just before you straighten your hair,for silky smooth hair.

Triple Moisturizing Oil is our exclusive natural oilblend of safflower, olive oil and shea butter, blended directly into yourplumping cream during the process.

Formulated to give you maximum benefits thatmoisturize, nourish and strengthen hair while it’s being straightened

Prevents hair breakage and dryness

For healthy looking hair*

How to use:

Follow directions carefully to avoid irritating theskin and scalp, then rinse with Keratin Shampoo to maintain the look.


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Offer hair straightener with keratin

Keratin Therapy


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