1-    Oral IrrigatorWater Floss EASY & EFFECTIVE TheWaterpark Water Flosser is the easy and most effective way to floss, removingup to 99.9 percent of plaque from treated areas and is up to 50 percent moreeffective than dental floss for improving gum health; Perfect for braces,implants, and other dental work.

2-   Mint mouthwash purifying, refreshing, deodorizing andanti-inflammatory – Therabreath. The basic step to clean and protect the mouthand teeth from odors and infections, and it reaches between the teeth and areasthat the toothbrush does not reach. It does not contain alcohol, used as agargle for several seconds to purify, and sterilize the mouth.

3-   Lacalut Aktiv toothpaste which stops the bleeding ofthe gums and prevents periodontitis as it contains Aluminum lactate whichtightens and stops bleeding gums.

4-   10 pcs shapeInterdental brush 0.7mm toothpick dental floss brush cleaning between teethorthodontic toothbrush oral care


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Offer Oral Care


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