1_OZNatural Pro Retaxinol 30ml:

GETSOFTTER AND YOUNGER SKIN: This clean, natural retinol facial moisturizerprovides lifting and brightening benefits while keeping skin hydrated andprotected. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, restore skin elasticity andrejuvenate skin cells for a more youthful glow

 Better skin starts with a solid skincareroutine: Say goodbye to redness, acne scars, dark spots and other skinproblems. Our gentle formula helps reduce impurities without clogging pores orcausing skin irritation, making it suitable for all skin types for both men andwomen. This retinol cream can also be used as a hand cream, eye cream andanti-aging facial moisturizer

 IMPROVES SKIN’S HYDRATION LEVELS: Thisanti-aging moisturizer nourishes and protects the outer layers of the skin,while providing moisture to help keep skin soft and supple no matter your age.It also helps improve skin tone and texture and is packaged in a thin tube soyou can slip it into your purse and moisturize on the go.

2_Pixie Beauty Tonic 100ml:

  Gently exfoliates the skin to get rid of deadskin cells, to reveal healthy glowing skin

    Paraben-free and alcohol-free.

3_ Landwind facial cleansing brush:

?Improves the appearance of inflamed skin and red lines, solves the problem ofblackheads, leaves the skin smooth

? Ithides fine lines and wrinkles

?Versatile design makes it suitable for all skin types

4_ Nature Report Moisturizing Moisturizing Spray With Natural Roses 150ml:

NatureReport Rose Mist Mist for complete care of dull skin.

Thisspray combines the cleansing, sanitizing, hydrating and nourishing toners andoptimum vitamin C extracts to brighten, rejuvenate, tone, calm, moisturize andfirm the complexion to pamper your complexion and give it a noticeable glow.

Reducesthe appearance of black spots on the face.

Itreduces the size of the pores and thus prevents sebum secretions.

Treatspimples and pimples that appear on the face.

It stimulatesblood circulation in the face and thus protects it from wrinkles and finelines.

Ithelps to lighten and unify the skin tone, which shows the skin in a clear andpure form of pigmentation.

Itprevents dryness of the face and helps moisturize and soften it effectively.

Cleansesand cleanses the face of dead cells.

How to use:

Aftercleansing and exfoliating with Pixi Beauty Tonic and Facial Brush and SmoothingRose Spray from Nature Report..

Apply5-7 pumps of OZ Naturals all over the face, neck and upper chest area and letit absorb.

Repeatit morning and evening


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Offer to get rid of acne scars and dark spots

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