CreativeCrazy Colors Italian Professional Technology. Ammonia-free / Peroxide-free.Coloring with state-of-the-art direct pigments to color and style hair. Anyonewho likes to dare can play in the trend of pastel or vibrant colors


Effective formula: Contains very little ammonia and is fortified withcollagen that penetrates the folds of the hair during the coloring process, totreat damaged hair from the inside out. Divide the hair into four sections.Four sections. Apply the product to the hair and keep it 1 cm away from theroots of the hair for the last time. The collagen serum nourishes the hair andmakes it silkier.


Howto use:

Mixan amount of hair bleaching cream in a non-metallic bowl with a double amountof oxidizing cream and collagen serum, then mix well.

Dividethe hair into four sections. Apply the product to the hair and keep it 1 cm fromthe hair roots for the last time.


Afterlightening the hair, wash it once with shampoo (do not use conditioners),remove excess water with a towel



ApplyCreative Crazy Colors with a brush To obtain an excellent penetration of thepigments rub the color with your hands, enveloping the entire hair strand



  • Leave to act for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse all the hair under running water and Dry as desired natural or with a brush / flat iron.




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Offers Dye shampoo + color pull



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