• A moisturizing cream used for the hands to moisturize andrestore vitality and freshness to the skin.
  • It contains natural squalene in skin cells that gives you asmooth, supple and beautiful skin.
  • Suitable for skin problems such as dry scaly skin, winteritching, ichthyosis and relieving eczema symptoms.
  • It is a light oily texture but absorbs very quickly andleaves the skin soft for a long time.
  • It treats skin irritations and calms it effectively andquickly
  • Deep moisturizing skin safely for the hands
  • Helps greatly in the treatment of psoriasis
  • Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, & Color free.

How to use: Apply a thin layertwice daily, including nails.

Skin dryness: Dryskin is not a serious disease in itself but can turn into more advancedconditions such as eczema

Some symptoms of dry skin: Skintightening especially after bathing or swimming, Itching, Roughness, peeling ofthe skin, redness and superficial and deep cracks

Causes of dry skin:
weather: Skindryness increases in winter as temperature and humidity decrease.

Hot water: Bathing with hot wateras well as frequent swimming cause dry skin

Soap with harsh chemicals:specially designed to get rid of the oil layer on the skin, which leads to dryskin

Some conditions:eczema and psoriasis patients.

Prevention of dry skin:

Moisturizing: Good moisturizersprevent moisture loss and keep it inside the skin

Stop using harmful soaps: Usecleaning creams and shower gel containing moisturizers

Use medical gloves: Usemedical gloves when dealing with detergent and water in your household.


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QV Hand Moisturizing Care Cream 50g



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