The Papaya Soap Nature Pure Fruity is a unique and excellentskin brightening herbal soap with moisturizing properties. Papain enzyme, thekey ingredient, is a natural enzyme that promotes rapid skin cell renewal andturnover of cells and is one of the most popular known natural whiteningcomponents. It is very effective in the exfoliation of dead skin cells and hasrestorative properties on the skin. Papaya Soap also balances the moisturizingproperties and works by hydrating the skin, giving it softness and smoothness.

?           Promotes skinwhitening and brightening

?           Has a pleasantfruity fragrance

?           Promotes rapidskin cell renewal and hence it aids in skin whitening

?           Exfoliates deadskin and restores the skin

?           Moisturizes theskin and immediately provides hydration to soften dry skin

?           Gives skinsoftness and smoothness


How to use:

?           Rinse your faceand/or body with water well before you wash it with bar soap.

?           Work the soapinto a nice lather and apply it on your body using your hands or loofa

?           Gently massageit into your skin in a circular motion

?           Rinse all thesoap with water afterward

?           Similarly,continue with the rest of the body

?           Use a washclothor loofa for scrubbing your body as it absorbs the lather from the soap andretains it for additional use.


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Shifa Papaya Soap Brightens Skin, 135 gm



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