Stronger, healthier hairfrom the first use! With Triple Hydration Oil which you use right before yourelax for straight, soft, silky hair that moves.

Triple Hydration Oil is our exclusive natural oil blend of safflower, olive oiland shea butter, mixed directly into the relaxer creme during the process.Designed to give you maximum benefits that hydrate, nourish and strengthen hairas it straightens.

Prevents breakage and dryness.
For healthy-looking hair*.
6x more protection against breakage*.
*Based on robotic combing tests of hair treated with the Soft & BeautifulUltimate Protection no-lye relaxer system now with Triple Hydration Oil versushair treated with Soft & Beautiful Conditioning no-lye relaxer system.
Healthier hair from the first use
with Triple Hydration natural oil blend.
For straight silky hair that moves.

Warning and cautions:

Follow directionscarefully to avoid skin and scalp irritation.

This product contains calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate toxic. Keep outof reach of children. Keep this product and all others away from eyes andmouth. Product may be harmful if it accidentally gets in eyes or mouth.Contains alkali agent. Avoid contact with eyes. Can cause blindness. Can causehair breakage andor loss. If product gets into eyes, wash eyes thoroughly withwater. If product is swallowed, consult a physician. Follow directionscarefully to avoid skin and scalp burns, hair loss and eye injury. Do not useon bleached or permanently coloured hair which is breaking, splitting orotherwise damaged. If hair has been previously relaxed, apply only to newgrowth as described in the directions. If relaxer causes skin or scalpirritations, rinse out immediately and wash with the shampoo included in thekit. If irritation persists or if hair loss occurs, consult a physician. Pleasewear suitable gloves. Misuse of this product can cause hair damage.



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Soft&Beautiful Hair Relaxing Cream Protection No Lye Relaxer Regular

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