Some by Mi Concentrated Tea Tree 30 Day Miracle Oil, Atopical oil consisting of 15% Australian and Korean green tea tree oil, quicklycalms and cools inflamed skin, regulates excess sebum secretions, it treatsacne and related problems. Moisturizes the skin because it contains vitamin B5,allantoin and panthenol.

Theeffectiveness of the miracle tea tree oil:


It moisturizes the skin due to the action of allantoinand panthenol, which are present in the oil components.

Getting rid ofdark spots:

Contributes to getting rid of dark spots byexfoliating them with the acids that enter its composition.

Treatingswollen pimples:

Contains tea tree leaf water extract, which iseffective in solving the problem of acne, Helps treat inflamed pimples.

NaturalIngredients of Miracle Tea Tree Oil:

?        tea tree oil 14%

?        tea leaf extract 1%

Advantages ofMiracle Concentrate Tea Tree Oil

?        Effectively soothes the skin

?        Calms redness and takes care of pores.

?        Moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness.

?        Controls excess sebum secretions.

?        Skin safe ingredients.

How to use

Wash the face well using water and the appropriatelotion, then dry it thinly, then apply the oil during the night as a last stepfor skin care. Wet a cotton ball with tea tree oil and repeat several times onthe affected place.



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Some by Mi 30days miracle tea tree clear spot Oil 10 ml

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