Naturaland friendly ingredients for all skin types. Carbon bubbles enriched withsoothing and cleaning ingredients. Deeply cleanses the skin in 3 minutes andremoves daily make-up. It gives the skin 3 benefits by cleansing it deeply,removing toxins, and instantly soothing the skin.

  • It takes care of 3 main problems as it removes dead cells, cleanses the accumulated impurities, and takes care of the problems of skin pimples.
  • Contains Botanical Trosica Complex and Carbonated Water to provide skin with superior hydration and a smooth texture.
  • Unifies skin tone and eliminates red pigmentation.


activated charcoal

It contains 3% of the purest types of Korean treecharcoal to help rid the surface of the skin and pores of the impurities anddirt accumulated in them.

Two types of cleaning mud

Contains 5% of Manikogan Clay and Kaolin Clay,which help absorb skin sebum and tighten enlarged pores.

Exfoliating Acid (Betahydroxy) BHA

With an effective concentration that removes dead skincells and exfoliates the surface of the skin to give it a smooth texture and aradiant appearance.

Skin brightener

It contains 3 skin-lightening ingredients Glutathione,Vitamin C, and Apple extract that help remove pigmentation and even out naturalskin tone.

Soothing and moisturizing for the skin

Although it is an effective cleansing mask for theskin, its formula consisting of the plant based Trusica complex and a uniquemixture of Korean plants gives it the ability to deeply moisturize the skinafter cleansing and calm skin irritations and redness.

Effective carbon bubble cleaner

It contains soothing and cleansing carbonated waterthat transforms the product from a clay mask into a unique mixture of bubblesas soon as the product comes into contact with the skin.

Featured Ingredients

  • carbonated water bubbles
  • BHA natural peeling acid
  • Manikogan Clay and Kaolin Clay 5%
  • korean activated charcoal 3%
  • glutathione
  • Trusica Botanical Complex

How touse:

?        Apply an appropriate amount to dry skin, and afterbubbles appear, leave it for 3-5 minutes, then massage it gently using a smallamount of water, then wash it off.



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Some By Mi Charcoal Bubble Clay Pore Mask 120g

Some By Mi


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