Now with the device for cleaning pores, liposuction, blackheads,and acne cleaning, you can fix your skin problems yourself, easily and safely. It helps you getrid of dead cells, exfoliates the face with a mild exfoliation, and gives yourskin freshness and youth.

You can make a beauty salon in your home and there isno need to go to beauty salons and waste time, money, and effort.

Features ofliposuction device:

?        It works on suctioning dead and oily skin cells andexfoliating the face in a gentle and light way.

?        It reduces the appearance of signs of wrinkles andaging.

?        It helps to narrow the large pores of the skin butdoes not work to block them completely.

?        It also works to rehabilitate the skin again, givingit a soft and silky feel like children ??s skin.

?        Transforms coarse pores into fine and smooth pores andimproves skin elasticity.

?        It gets rid of blackheads, dark skin, and dirt, itworks to remove acne.

?        It contains small crystals and 4 different functionheads.

?        It keeps you away from expensive beauty clinics, centers,and spa treatments, where you can get the same results from home.

How to use:

?        Before using the device, the face should be washed anddried well.

?        After pressing the power button, tighten the skin andhold it well and pass the device on it and do not do this more than twice onone area,

?        Do not leave the device on the same area for more thana few seconds, so as not to cause inflammation and irritation of the skin.

?        After finishing, we advise you to apply your favoritemoisturizer to maintain the moisture and freshness of the skin.

?        You can use it to massage the face and stimulate bloodcirculation. This is done by operating the suction and removal systemsequentially.

Thecomposition of the device and the functions of its components:

The device consists of 4 heads whose functions are asfollows:

1.   The device consists of 4 heads whose functions are asfollows: Which works to exfoliate dead skin cells and fat cells.

2.   big ring: It has a large and effective suction powerfor blackheads, especially in the jaw area of the face.

3.   small ring: Low suction power to suit delicate andsensitive skin

United facial pore black head remover AC 2139

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