Hairstraightener is safe on hair and does not cause hair to burn. The straighteningplates are made of the original ceramic that glides easily on the hair.Infrared hair straighteners make hair even temperature from the inside out toprotect the hair’s health and shine. The straightener provides hightemperatures of 230 degrees.


? Youcan adjust the heat levels of the iron according to the needs of the hair.

?Contains varying degrees to not stress the hair.

? Theiron is made of high-quality ceramic to preserve the hair and not damage it.

? Thehair is straightened with infrared rays, which makes the hair temperature equalfrom the inside out.

? Givesyou an elegant look, more lustrous and vibrant hair strands.

? Youcan use it easily, please read the instructions for use.

?Manufactured with high quality according to international quality standards.

?Effect iron is a convenient size that you can carry with you on the go.


Heatingtemperature 230-149 C.

Heatingtemperature 450-300 F.

Power:50 watts.

Agentwarranty for two years.


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united professional Hair straightener HS-976

united professional


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