Hairtonic and scalp conditioner use daily to replace the natural oils in our hairand on the scalp. It leaves your hair easy to comb and with the healthyVaseline shine.

SuitableHair Type:

? For All HairTypes.

ActiveIngredient in Vaseline hair tonic:

? Mineral oil.
? Perfumes.
? Benzyl benzoate.
? Linalool.
? Limonene.
? Geraniol.
? Citronellol.

BenefitsOf Vaseline hair tonic:

? Leaves yourhair easy to comb and with the healthy Vaseline shine.

? Directionsfor use Vaseline hair tonic:

? Use daily toreplace the natural oils in your hair and scalp. Feel the tonic leave your haireasy to comb, with a healthy, natural shine.
? Pour a little into hand then massage vigorously into scalp and hair, thengroom.
? Best use before 2 years from production date seen on the pack.


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Vaseline Hair Oil Tonic M 200 ml



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