Powder for dyeing hair and for lightening up to sevenlevels for a wonderful and multiple bleaching result. The lightening technologyensures the effectiveness of the bleaching while the anti-yellowing particlesensure a visible bleaching result. The bleaching formula is controlled, and itscreamy texture is suitable for all uses.

Product Benefits

  • Vibrant, healthy-looking colours.
  • High quality.

How to use

Apply the product evenly to unwashed hair. The timerequired to apply the product depends on the condition of the hair and thedesired desire for bleaching. Check the hair carefully every 5-10 minutesduring the bleaching process. The maximum application time is 50 minutes. The firsttime to use: In the first step, apply the product to the middle of the hair,then the ends, and in the second step, apply it to the roots.



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Wella, Blondor Powder Gel – 1 Pc



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